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Introducing SCANtoFIT™ with Styku’s Advanced Body Scanning at ICM Factory Direct‘s Showroom.

Contactless & Precise Measurement: At ICM Factory Direct, we’ve embraced the future of custom tailoring with Styku’s state-of-the-art, contactless body scanning technology. Our lightweight and portable scanners ensure a quick, touch-free measurement process, integrating a medical-grade scale for unparalleled accuracy. Ready to use in just 2 minutes, our system is designed for efficiency and precision in custom apparel making.

Visualizing Perfect Fits: Our advanced True 3D app brings a new dimension to custom clothing. With the ability to generate detailed 2D/3D visuals, clients can virtually see the tailored fit from every angle. This user-friendly, touch-interactive system is supported by a secure, cloud-based backend, ensuring your personal data is always protected.

Customization at Your Fingertips: Transforming measurements into perfectly fitted garments, our scanning technology is an invaluable tool for customization. It provides precise body fat measurements and easy-to-use features to capture every contour of your body, ensuring each garment is tailored to your unique shape.

Instant Digital Reports for Tailoring: Receive instant, customizable reports detailing every aspect of your body measurements. Our system offers comprehensive data, essential for creating perfectly fitting sportswear. Add your personal touch by integrating your preferences, and have all your data synced with our Cloud portal for easy reference.

Health-Conscious Measurements: While our focus is on creating the perfect fit for sportswear, our technology also helps in understanding body composition. This is crucial for health-conscious individuals who want sportswear that not only fits well but also aligns with their wellness goals.

Mobile Tailoring Solutions: We offer the most convenient, truly portable scanning technology in the market. Ideal for on-site measurements at events, remote locations, or in-store experiences, our system’s portability ensures we can provide custom tailoring services whenever and wherever needed.

At ICM Factory Direct, we’re redefining the custom tailoring experience. Join us in embracing the precision of Styku’s body scanning technology for sportswear that’s not just made to fit, but designed to empower.

Discover the difference Styku’s advanced body scanning technology can make for your custom sportswear. Contact us at ICM Factory Direct today to learn more and experience this unique personalized tailoring service

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