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Welcome to our 3D Configurator for Sportswear! With our innovative tool, you can unleash your creativity and design personalized sportswear that reflects your unique style and brand. Our 3D configurator takes customization to the next level by allowing you to interact with and modify 3D models of sportswear items.


With these intuitive features, including the ability to add text and share your designs

With our intuitive interface, you can easily import, drag and drop your logo onto the 3D model, instantly seeing how it will look on the garment. Whether it’s your team’s logo, a sponsor emblem, or a custom design, you have full control over its placement, size, and orientation. This feature ensures that your sportswear truly represents your brand and identity.

Not only can you place the logo, but you can also play with colors and patterns. Change the color of the garment, experiment with different pattern options, and see the immediate visual impact on the 3D model. This level of customization empowers you to create sportswear that aligns perfectly with your team’s colors, branding guidelines, or personal preferences.

In addition to logos and colors, our 3D configurator allows you to add text to the sportswear. Whether it’s player names, numbers, inspirational quotes, or team mottos, you can easily input and visualize the text on the 3D model. This feature adds a personal touch and enhances the sense of identity and unity within your team.

Our 3D configurator offers a dynamic and immersive experience, enabling you to see your custom sportswear come to life before your eyes. You can view the garment from different angles, zoom in for close-ups, and rotate it to ensure every detail meets your expectations. This level of visual representation ensures that you have a clear understanding of how your design choices translate to the final product.

Please note that the availability of customization options may vary depending on the specific sportswear item or category provided by ICM.

Looking for Expert 3D Designers for Your Sportswear?


Your sportswear designs to the next level, look no further. At ICM Factory Direct, we understand the importance of creating realistic and eye-catching 3D sportswear models. That’s why we offer the expertise of our skilled 3D designers who are well-versed in the latest software and industry trends.

With our team of experts, you can collaborate and transform your sportswear concepts into stunning 3D visualizations. Whether you need help with intricate details, precise measurements, or showcasing different color options, our designers will bring your vision to life with precision and creativity.


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